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The 3McDs in Paraguay

The rain came down and then came down some more and then some more and well, you get the picture. Like so many other parts of the world, Paraguay has been having some strange weather of late. From giant hailstones to the many thunderstorms accompanied by torrential downpours. The most frustrating part of which has been the power cuts that tend to coincide with the storms. Our new Internet Provider is so much better yet alas still won’t work if there is no power. Thankfully the longest we went with electricity was only two days and we managed to salvage some of the contents of the fridge freezer, but let’s not talk about what became of the salad cream! But we are privileged to be in a secure house, with a good roof (80% of it), surrounded by some very helpful neighbors who orchestrated getting the power back on as quickly as they did. We know others in the country have not faired so well.

With all of the rain that we have been having we haven’t been able to make it out on the dirt roads into the community, which has been frustrating, to say the least. Although it ended up feeling like God had a whole other agenda for us, as two of the young adults we are working with went through some personal crisis, including some financial issues which John helped walk one of them through to save them from facing legal action or worse. We were very thankful to God to be able to be released from going into the community to help with these situations and even though the discipling and problems require them to continue to take daily action, the foundations have been put in place to help them to continue on a better path and they can see the options available to them and in one situation that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long it is.

Please pray for the young people we work with to feel God’s love as we help them to navigate life’s challenges.

We are feeling much more settled in our new neighborhood and although it is still hard having to start over again in a new town we can see things falling into place quicker relationally than in previous places we have lived. It is safe to say that having Alicia definitely accelerates the process, as everyone loves the friendly little ‘Rubia’ (blonde) girl and whether you want to stop and chat at any given moment, Alicia’s presence often forces our hands. To be honest it is a huge help and we really enjoy chatting to the other parents and people we meet at the playground in the plaza near our home and it is so nice to see how often people remember meeting her even if we can’t. We have also found a church to attend on the Sundays when we are not working, so it is so nice to be getting to know the people in our area through the church and the wonders of Whatsapp.

Please pray for our small family and that Alicia will find good friends among all of the new people we are meeting and that we will develop the ability to learn people’s names quicker, as being British makes it so hard to ask again and again when we haven’t learned names yet.

Please continue to pray for a tenant for our house back in the UK, we are so blessed by the continued provision to make our mortgage payments each month. But as we keep mentioning to God, surely it would be less stressful to have someone moved in by now? We are so blown away by the help and generosity we receive month to month through all your support, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

At the end of October we celebrated 11 years of marriage and Alicia’s 2nd birthday. (Thank you to everyone who sent card’s and gifts in the post. The majority arrived in time, however, it is fun to still be receiving some now in late November!) After all the power cuts and rain, we decided it would be a better use of our time to have 5 days off to enjoy some holiday to facilitate some family fun. Which mainly involved taking Alicia to the park a lot, eating ice cream (which is a must-do thing on holiday right!!) and some swimming on the days it didn’t rain, which she thoroughly enjoyed. It is crazy to think that we first started coming out to Paraguay just after our first year wedding anniversary and how fast the 10 years have flown by and how different life looks for us now. Thank you all so much for making it possible to be able to work where we do and especially to those of you who have been on this journey with us since it’s beginning 10 years ago! We pray God blesses you all back tenfold for all the blessings you have given us along the way.

With much love and grateful hearts,

God bless from the 3 McDs x

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